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The Honey

Honey is a product of the season

This year we have and 1 lb and 2 lb jars available! 

Please contact us for pricing.

Working in the hives

only posting the good pictures of course!

These are just a couple of pictures through the years of primarily spring time hive inspections...checking on the hives in the summer is not for the faint of heart.  While you don't generally even need to wear the whole outfit in early spring(the bees are pretty docile, especially first year installations)--by July when stealing some of the honey you won't want to be without it... And it's like a personal sauna..I mean literally it's always the hottest days of summer that we are donning these suits and lifting 40+lb boxes full of honey & bees.  You can't peel those layers off quickly enough! But i didn't include any of those pictures..


Honey Bees & Me

Our hives are located in Hudson, Ohio--a small farm with meadows and pastures and woods..abundant in wildflowers, flowering fruit and ornamental trees & clover.  Our beekeeping adventure began 5 years ago.  After watching a documentary about bees and their decline with my youngest son, i decided to learn more about beekeeping.  Truth be told, Robbie already caught bees for fun, enjoyed lighting fires and I thought maybe we could funnel these interests into something saving bees and making honey.

We've learned alot over the years, but there's always more to learn...from gauging temperament of the bees in a hive to inspecting for beetles & harvesting honey in the different seasons and tasting the influence of early spring to the rich tones of fall and it's buckwheat and aster. Now my husband Chris is a beekeeper as well--we installed some hives on the roof of his business along the Ohio Erie Canal; this now provides more than enough of the honey for his meadmaking pursuits!

As this honey is not pasteurized the valuable phytonutrients are preserved. Savor the taste & experience the myriad of health benefits by choosing raw, native honey.

Best consumed at room temperature - use to sweeten yogurt, smoothies, dressings & your soul!

...We'll be posting recipes soon...



Raw, unfiltered honey harvested in small batches with patience & love 

Please feel free to contact me and i'll reply as soon as possible!

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